Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cody's La Jolla

This time the review will be one of multiple visits, though many were of the same served plates.  This does allow a slightly more fair and comprehensive experiencing of course selection; the picture quality varies slightly as well, though in a rather fun way.

On another note, I've started including prices when applicable on reviews, since when I read other people's restaurant reviews, I'm pretty curious as to whether the goodness is worth the damage.  And, thus:

Visit Four:
I walked around downtown La Jolla at about 11:00am this morning, desperate in search of some delicious French toast, trying to determine who would still be serving at this time. The Cottage serves a 'late' breakfast (and very limited menu), most places stop before 11am, and Cody’s…all day?  Cody’s it is!

Cody’s has this menu item called Awesome French Toast, which…sadly enough was actually out of stock, their Challah bread gone.  Utterly desperate, I ordered blueberry pancakes and chicken fingers (kids menu, folks!) to compensate, alongside an omelette.  Sorry, we ordered.

I should have taken a picture of the chicken fingers, but…what can I say?  French fries and chicken fingers.  If you had a childhood, you know what’s up.   It was decent.  It tasted like childhood, but through the lens of a grown-up palate.

Big Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberries (3) served until 11:30am daily $10.95 

The blueberry pancakes come topped with strawberry, making my picture-description combination look mismatched.  And though the pancakes were decent, they clearly lack the qualifier "awesome" as of the French Toast.

Wild Mushroom Omelet, Baby Leaf Spinach, Tomato, Sonoma Chevre $11.95

The omelette pictured here is actually something I’ve enjoyed two or three times before, containing spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and potatoes, all of which I love.  Though it's perhaps a little heavy on the cheese (filled with chunks inside), the combination is simply always a winner in my book, provided the ingredients are fresh enough.  Here I ordered the pancakes and my partner the omelet; as we actually liked each other’s dishes more, we gladly switched midway through.

I have to credit Cody’s here, interestingly enough, for service.  Though it's often the area of their complaint, employees typically talking nonchalantly meanwhile ignoring customers, or something else odd and rude of the sort, my waitress was actually attentive, smiled, and comp’ed the pancakes, because ‘you wanted the French toast so much’.

Visit Five:

This visit was a follow-up simply to introduce that same friend to the French toast.  The photos were shot entirely on my iPhone, giving them the changed but pleasing look.

Awesome French Toast with “Bread & Cie” Challah Caramelized Walnuts, Fresh Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Marscaopne Honey Butter $11.95

Ridiculously good.  Thick, sweet, fluffy bread; basically a buttered up challah with yum and syrup, if that's the kind of thing that makes you happy.  No comment.  I love it.

Crab Benedict Two Poached Eggs, with Wilted Baby Leaf Spinach, Hollandaise $14.95

Surprisingly good, though the reason I've never previously ordered it is probably because its price.  You can taste the crab, which is fresh and plentiful; I guarantee the dish tastes better than its pictures suggest.  It sits on a bed of potatoes.

I'd probably go to Cody's more often if the menu had changed at all over the years (checked, it hasn't).  But if you do come here, which isn't at all a bad idea for newcomers, I highly recommend the French toast (but not the pancakes).  And always sit outside; it’s San Diego, close to the beach, and a nice day out.  Have a little sun =]

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