Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lost at Sea

Pasadena. Ugh, you think to yourself - parking will be terrible, but at least there are 90 minute city garages in the area, right? Wrong. Park. Right. Outside. The. Restaurant. YESSSS

Then you walk in, and the people are welcoming, and the menus are a delight. The decor and ambiance is interesting, welcoming, warm - I suppose designed to look like the interior of a ship wading through waters, evoking the fresh night of catches to be eaten.

(WA) cucumber mignonette 18

Usually oysters are 'plated' in a circle - I appreciated that something was done differently here, and a little play with the ingredients made for a more interesting dish. It's an art, and executing something that hasn't been done, but doing it well, is always a pleasure.

pass-o-guava aguachile, fennel, blood orange 17

Such. Pretty. Plating. Seriously, this is one of those dishes you wish you didn't have to eat because that fact means you're breaking up the art and beauty of it all. But alas, you do - and it's amazing. Citrus from the blood orange, I invoke thee...

beluga lentils, sunchoke, hen of the woods mushroom 28

This one was on the good side, though I do think it's nothing out of the ordinary (as in I would expect other restaurants to be able to execute this dish similarly). That's not a knock on the dish, though if you're looking for something truly special, you might want to look elsewhere on the menu. With that said, it's juice and nice to eat, and the bed of garnishing really sold me on the way that the dish was presented.

creamy polenta, kohlrabi, roasted apple, pork jus 25

Never a favorite, except...for here? Wow that was juicy and flavorful, and I did not expect that. Bravo. The chunks of pair were a solid touch, and one that I loved.

butterscotch, cajeta 8

This one was actually better than Nancy Silverton's Pizzeria Mozza version, which is a sort of a compliment in itself I suppose. Very nicely garnished, too.

choc chip cookie, vanilla ice cream, berry compote 9

I like that they used a berry compote to make something a little different, and think that it was a solid take on the classic without too much deviation. Can't complain there!

So overall? The service was a little detached but not rude, the decor a little eclectic but not too much, the food whimsical but not pretentious. I wouldn't mind coming back, but also think a few minor touches could help the experience stand out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hoover Dam

So, the Hoover Dam. It's a big dam - who gives a carp, right? Well...drive accidentally in (it's on the way to other things out of Vegas) for a detour and find yourself in a breathtaking, amazing place of man-made inspiration. It's incredible.

This place is HUGE. It's almost impossible to give you a concept of the size of the place just from the photos alone, but put it this way - I think some of the tunnels constructed could have a 747 fly through if a pilot was skilled enough.

Yes, it's kinda cool, though effectively I'm not sure what it does for your life. But like being in two states at once, Mandy Moore will be proud of you.

We get it, everyone takes them here. But why is everyone posting them on Yelp?

You don't necessarily need to pay for parking if you're willing to walk a little - there are free parking places further in, though yes, you will need to walk. Perks? The entire walk is pretty cool.

Worth going to? A solid yes - from someone who thought it'd be a complete waste of time. I am happy to report that I was wrong.

This too was a stop that I almost didn't make - it only was through a last minute turn that we encountered this magnificent place. Make the stop - it's just a damn, but it's so incredible even so.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Death Valley

I thought Death Valley would be incredibly boring of a visit - obligatory, but not quite worthwhile. I was so wrong.